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Three Forts Challenge

Sunday 5th May 2019

Helping Ferring Country Centre

In the last few years the Three Forts Challenge have been helping Ferring Country Centre, a local charity that supports people with learning difficulties by teaching them work skills through horticulture and by working with animals.

We've been able to help them with a number of projects and last year we helped purchase Flora and Chloe, two Belted Galloways. (Click on the images to enlarge them).

  • Flora and Chloe
  • Chloe

Flora and Chloe were purchased from a breeder of belted Galloways in the Isle of Wight, with thanks to 3 Forts in summer of 2015. Flora (mum) came to us with Chloe at foot.  Flora was already in calf, so it was buy 1 get 2 free!!! She is expecting her  calf in March 2016.

The Belted Galloway is currently experiencing an upsurge in popularity and it's no wonder! One of the most visually distinctive breeds of cattle, its many merits lie not only in its unique appearance and good nature, but also in its hardiness and top quality beef – although our Ladies will enjoy the grass from Ferring for many years to come. Originating in the harsh upland climate the Galloway hills in beautiful South west Scotland, the ‘Belties’ are well-equipped thrive outdoors in any climate. This remarkable animal is slow to mature, which means its beef has a special flavour and texture which is the envy of many other breeds. The cows live far longer than other cattle often well into their 20s.