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Three Forts Challenge

Sunday 30th April 2017

Comments about the 2016 event

We'd appreciate your comments which all help us to improve the event for the future. Add yours. Thank you!


Shame the parking was so bad this year, or were the numbers a lot higher than previous years? Worst year ever for inconsiderate and dangerous parking- some in full view of marshalls. Why did they allow it? Parking on the narrow part of Hill Barn Lane, on corners and leaving virtually no room for other cars to get thru gaps, or residents to get out of their driveways. You need much better control next year and limit numbers.

Local Resident , , 16-May-2016

Wow what a perfect day. It hurt a bit for several days afterwards but it was so worth it! Great organisation, amazing marshals, inspiring conversation from other runners and a support crew at start and finish who genuinely wanted every runner to have a great experience.

Helen Woods, Horsham Joggers, 10-May-2016

Only the half marathon but the first of any kind of race for me so no idea what to expect. The course was really tough, no level running (that I can remember) just hills. The weather was perfect, the views were amazing, the marshals supportive, aids stations plentiful and organization excellent. Small number of runners for each event (hundreds rather than thousands) gave it a more family or club like feel. Next year? - if I can just knock 10 mins off my time .....

Andrew Shrives, , 05-May-2016

First trail marathon in fact first ever marathon. Water stations and feed stations were fantastic you don't really even need to carry anything yourself which is fantastic as you can just enjoy the run. Stations were spaced out really well. Hills were a killer but all the Marshall were very encouraging. Views are the best I've seen on a race and you forget your doing a crazy distance.

Only one downside to the race and that is you can't pull out and get a lift back to the start. My partner dropped out at mile 15. After waiting for half hour the Marshalls asked him if he arranged a lift back. We were told that the organisers were doing a shuttle back for the runners. Unable to arrange a lift back he he had to hobble the rest of the 27 mile route back.

Overall I would definitely do the race again!

Hannah Bates, Wadhurst runners, 03-May-2016

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What an amazing day. Loved every second even though those hills almost got the better of me mentally. First marathon/trail and admittedly it really is a tough one but the scenery, the other runners and the marshalls at the stations got me through. Already thinking about next year.

Alex Walmsley, , 03-May-2016

Plenty of hills but with such great weather the views were amazing. Very well organised with plenty of lovely marshals and well stocked drinks stations. Great atmosphere from other participants who really seemed to enjoy the running, scenery and camaraderie rather than being focussed on their Garmins.

Janet Shepherd, Fittleworth Flyers, 02-May-2016

Definitely the longest, furthest and toughest run I've ever done but enjoyed every minute. The marshals were great and plenty of water, jelly beans, bananas, biscuits and cake to keep you going. Thanks for a great event - I may well be back next year! To improve the event even more, I'd suggest a better loud speaker at the start - very difficult to hear the briefing clearly at the back.

Peter Golton, , 02-May-2016

This was my first ever trail marathon and I loved every minute of it! A big thank you to all the fantastic volunteers around the course, so friendly and plenty of water and snacks! Really well organised, stunning views and a really challenging course! Perfect!

Michelle Green, Bosh Run, 02-May-2016

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What can I say other than fantastic
My 13th marathon and by far the best
The route, views and support from marshals was second to none
Thank you

Julie Reeves, , 02-May-2016

It was my first 3 Forts Half Marathon Challenge and I only have good things to mention.
Weather was great,the route very scenic,Marshalls were very supportive.

José Sárria meneses, , 02-May-2016

A very well organized event with lots and lots of volunteers and marshals. Congratulations to all involved. Fantastic scenery - and the weather played along..

Ian Benson, Pirates Runners, johannesburg, 02-May-2016

A very well organised event,top marks for the well stocked water stations,supportive and friendly marshals.
Beautiful scenic views and even the weather was perfect for us! The friendly and supportive atmosphere really helped me acheive completion of my first marathon!
See you next year!

Katrina Jurd, , 02-May-2016

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I picked up the flyer for this particular race at the BoxHill Fell run in January .I lwent onto the race website and read all the positive comments in particular ithe great organization of the race , a course with stunning views and friendly people . I wasn't to be disappointed with all three - I had a fab day - I will be back next years , with friends . Thank,you !

Lynn Plumbley, St Helens Tri, 02-May-2016

Superb event and excellent route choice. Fantastic marshalling, and well stocked aid stations. An absolute pleasure to run! :)

Iain, Team Optimus, 01-May-2016

First time I have run this event. I have to say it was brilliantly organised , friendly and the water/food stations around the course had everything you could wish for. A special mention for the person that made the date flapjacks at the finish. Absolutely delicious. If you want a challenging half or marathon with a great atmosphere and fantastic scenery do this one. It should be on everyone`s to do list.

David Eaton, Hove Hornets, 01-May-2016

Well done to everyone involved in the organisation and marshalling of the marathon. It gets better each year and whoever thought of the 'funnel' at the A283 road crossing deserves a few beers. Rather than have runners dashing across the road at random spots like lemmings as in previous years, it made it MUCH safer and easier and the red & white tape helped slow cars down and they knew where to look out and slow down for runners. Just a great day all round, thanks everyone.

Bryan Darney, Goring Road Runners, 01-May-2016

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Really friendly and very well organised event with really good, well stocked water/ food stations. Well done to all who made the event so memorable.

Paul & Joanna Barton, , 01-May-2016

This is the third time in a row that I've completed the 3 Forts Half Marathon, and every time it's been among the best organised and friendliest events I've participated in, as well as being very challenging.

Edward Davies, , 01-May-2016

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